Heal Ancestral Wounds,
Release Pent-Up Racial Tension, and
Find Your Belonging!

Hosted by
Dr Giavanni Washington

The Black Goddess: Liberated

Exclusively created for Black folx, those that love us, and allies.
Voting Activist Fannie Lou Hamer famously said:
“The changes we have to have in this country are going to be for the liberation of all people, because nobody’s free until everybody’s free."

But, Sis, how do we get free?

For centuries, Black Bodies, and the souls that inhabit them, have been devalued and dehumanized.

Separated from our ancestral wisdom, we have watched as our history (written from the perspective of the colonizing victor) has been erased or hidden, again and again and again.

We have been separated from our spiritual traditions and denied the legacy of the Supreme Goddess.

Sometimes it feels like you are in a nightmarish spiritual famine!

But what if you could...

  • Cultivate inner healing with divine guidance from your heritage and ancestors
  • Uproot colonialism, patriarchy & white supremacy from your body & lived experience
  • Wield ancient goddess wisdom in your contemporary life 
  • Transform that latent (and sometimes not so latent) rage into incisive energy
  • Call upon the power, wisdom and discernment of the Black Goddesses to connect to a resource greater that you thought imaginable

The road to stepping powerfully into your Black Sovereignty is intentionally obscured.

It’s time to move away from the concept of god that is sexist, racist, homophobic, legalistic, perfectionistic, powerful, white, and masculine.

Instead, join us and walk into the warm embrace of a Black Sacred feminine who will lift you up, defend you, fight for your rights, and stand with you against oppression. 

And, you can come just as you are.

Join us at The Black Goddess: Liberated free masterclass series. 

  • Ritualists and mystics who amplify the wisdom of the Black Goddesses
  • ​Culture bearers who shine a light on lost histories and hidden ancestral truths
  • Storytellers & Creators who ensure the stories of Black bodied women and femmes are represented in comics, tv and novels


Exclusively created for Black folx, those that love us, and allies.

This Masterclass Series brings together 10 of the wisest Ritualists, Mystics, Culturebearers, Storytellers & Creators who have mapped their own paths to Belonging & Liberation.

Each interview gives you at least one tip to reclaiming your 
Black Body and Black Joy!

Our powerhouse presenters will show you how to:

  • Turn everything you touch into gold
  • ​Create home no matter where you are
  • ​​Activate the magic already in your home! 
  • ​Discover the 3 steps to unlocking the Gates of Desire
  • ​Navigate the survival techniques that eventually get in the way of your healing
Abiola Abrams
Adama Sesay
Andrea Furtick
Angela Richardson
Dr. Deborah Egerton
Dr. Katherine Lawson
Dr. La Toya Davis
Dr. Mona Nour
Mawiyah Bomani

Dr. Shena Young


Dr. Giavanni Washington


During this Masterclass series, you'll receive:

  • Exclusive access to 10 interviews with Experts in decolonization, joy and Liberation
  • ​Access to each interview FREE for 48 hours
  • ​Private facebook community with daily lives to continue the conversation and surprises during the week.
  • ​A chance to win prizes daily
  • ​Audio AND video versions of each talk so you can tune in the way that you prefer

Get Access to the interviews from April 29 - May 3, 2024 to Listen, Learn, and Connect.

Discover talks like:

  • Become A Spiritual Disruptor: Bay Leaves, Bibles and Belonging 
  • ​Kiss The Divine: Unlocking The Gates Of Desire 
  • Stop Outsourcing Your Sovereignty: Tap Into the Akashic Records to Cultivate Your Spiritual Authority With Confidence 
  • Healing Trauma: The Dream Temple and Grandfather Iboga 
  • ​Liberating Ideas: Collaborating Creatively with the Universe

With Liberation as your North Star, you can create a rich inner landscape that will keep you nourished and resilient.


72% of the google results for “God” return images of a White Male?

Stanford psychologist Steven O. Roberts found that the characteristics that people assign to God – e.g., male, female, black, white, old, young – are the same identities they attribute to a boss (power, leadership and supervision).

In the Western imaginary God is typically white, male, and heterosexual. So it follows that the Supreme Being – the entity or the spirit or the energy that created the universe and everything in it – is also white, male and heterosexual. If you look like, or identify with, that being, then you internalize that superiority.

And if you don't have that kind of body – hello Global Majority! – then you internalize inferiority because you cannot possess, be, do or have the thing that is possible for the Supreme Being. 

While there are a growing number of African descended deck creators producing decks with Black folks in them, the vast majority of tarot and oracle decks just ignore divinities from Africa. 

Or worse, they portray Black Goddesses as white!!

But here's the thing...

Divinity exists in all places. Anywhere people gather, they have imagined the supernatural. 
We have made sense of the world through myths, through stories, through creating entities and infusing them with power. 

So there must be Goddesses and Gods that look like us, right?

Yes! Divinities that look like the people who are dreaming them. 

The Sacred looks like me.

The Sacred looks like you!

That's why we're hosting The Black Goddess: Liberated.

Be welcomed into the freedom, power. dignity, and wholeness of the Sacred Black Feminine. 
It's time to map your own Liberation.



Called to the medicine of ancestral restoration, Dr. Giavanni creates healing opportunities to reconnect with lost histories and ignite hidden ancestral wisdom. Dr. Giavanni comes from a long line of educators, moonshine makers and medicine women who took away pain even when the rupture left them with only whatever was in the pantry.

Dedicated to amplifying Black Beauty, reconnecting to the deep roots of Black Divinity and encouraging the full expression of Black Joy, Dr Giavanni Washington's latest creative endeavor is the Black Goddess Within Oracle Deck, published with Hay House. 

Dr G, as she is affectionately known, is an intuitive healer, mother, speaker and spiritual guide who holds a doctorate from UCLA’s department of World Arts and Cultures and was recently selected for the California Creative Corps Artist and Culture Bearer Fellowship by the California Arts Council.  
When she's not talking with the Ancestors, she's out hiking with her husband, son, and pup Pumpkin.


Are You Ready To Step Into Your Black Sovereignty?
Ready For Your Sacred Liberation?

If you are ready to live your liberation out loud, make sure you don’t miss this opportunity to learn from Liberators from all walks of life. 
Listen in on these conversations, get inspired and reclaim your Black Body and Black Joy! 
The Black Goddess: Liberated Summit is a part of the CA Creative Corps, which is generously supported by the
California Arts Council and administered by Community Partners.


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